Welcome to the crazy thing that is me :]

me posting my retardedness for the world to see

Okay, first off, everyone should know that i suck at these bio things. really, i do. i never know what to type in here. There's the basic mom, dad, bro, sis, and some pets but that always seems so bland to me but its all i can ever think of to write. well, just so everyone DOES know, i do have a mom, dad, bro sis, and some pets that include 3 cats, and 1 dog. I adore music. music=love. literally. me and all my friends feel this way. The only kind of music i don't particularly care for is stuff like rap and R&B and such. can't stand it. I do like Rock, Pop and basically every sub genre you can think of to go with those two general catagories(sp?). I like the old stuff too. Aerosmith, AC/DC, The Beatles, The Ramones, The Bangles, The Dead Kennedys, The Cure, stuff like that, and realatively newer stuff like Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Good Charlotte, The Raconteurs, The White Stripes, that sort of stuff. I'm also a huge indie underground music guru. LOVE IT! My favorite is a local band called Aniston. They're freaking amazing!!! you should check them out on myspace. There's also this one band, who recently released a CD that can be found at Circuit City(i think), fye, and i think one other, but i don't remeber the name. They recently were on tour with Boys Like Girls, and their name is WE THE KINGS!!! ahhhh! get excited! they're freaking awesome! much love for them! You should check them out on myspace as well. That was the music spiel. I can talk about music for hours and hours if you let me. What else, friends. I'm fiercly loyal to my friends. If you mess with them, you're about to get screwed by me and probably ten other people at the same time. Mess with me and the same will probably happen to you from my friends. We have eachothers back in everything. I think the only thing we don't ever agree on is my Harry Potter fetish. You have to love Harry Potter. Amazingest thing ever written to be read by any kind. Not just man kind, but all kinds. Thats my other love, reading, especially Harry Potter and those books they write especially for teens. There's a specific word for it I do believe but i can never remember it. But yeah, books like Speak, TTYL and TTFN, Hard Love, Zig Zag, Wild Roses, stuff like that. I like meeting new people. In person i generally start off a bit shy towards new people, but thats just because i don't know you yet! If i get to know you some, i open up and am one of the most outgoing, fun, (probably loudest) people ever. I come off shy to new people, but hey, get to know me and your opinion will completely change in about 5 minutes guaranteed. Don't be afraid to come up and just talk to me. I like it. I like to make attempts at writing. Generally, i fail miserably unless its a subject im really passionate about. Im currently attempting to write a story titled "The Great Pancake Heist" just because the concept of someone trying to rob an IHOP is entirely amusing to me. I mean seriously, who wouldn't laugh if you were watching the news and some of the breaking news was that several teenagers had attempted to steal like 500 lbs. of IHOP pancakes? I'd laugh. Forget stealing the money from the cash register or anything else of value, we're going for the pancakes! WOOT WOOT! Yeah, Im demented. I also like TV. Im probably sounding like the laziest person ever right now too. I'm in loooveeeee with One Tree Hill. Lucas and Peyton's relationship was a long time coming I think. Screw Brooke. She's better with Chase the virgin anyways. Bevin and Skills is the best most unlikely couple to ever exist. Like Heidi Klum and Seal. I think thats the couple anyways. oh well. What else, Gilmore Girls. It's gone but not forgotten. I still make it a point to watch it every weekday at 5:00 on ABC Family. Rory and Jess never should have broken up and Logan never should have been part of the big picture. A waiter maybe, but not a boyfriend or other significant person. Colin and Finn can stay though, mainly cuz they make me laugh. A lot. hehe! I also play softball. Spring rolls around and I live and breathe softball, mainly because my coaches won't let me live and breathe anything otherwise. lol. Nah, I love my coaches. They're amazing. I think thats all I have to write for now. If you enjoy any of the things i do, feel free to IM me or msg me anytime!